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Film Laser Cutting
Laser film breaking device



・ This device is for each material (glass, film, resin, etc.)

Select the laser according to the processing application.

・ In addition, fully automatic operation and manual operation are also possible.

Various lasers can be used according to the application

It is also possible to combine.



・ Laser division is applied to the surface of the glass substrate.

Mechanical contact like a diamond wheel

Since there is no such thing, there are no scratches or chips on the divided surface.

・ It is necessary to process the divided surface after laser division.

do not have.

-With automatic peeling function for the terminal part (Pet etc. are separated).

・ Automatic transfer and manual transfer are possible.

・ Laser is controlled by in-house developed software

High stability.

-There are many achievements as domestic mass production equipment.



Loading unit

Cutting system: laser

Separation unit

Peeling / inspection unit


Tray unit

* Please contact us for detailed structure and specifications.

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