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Pixel bright dot to dark dots repair system
Pixel bright spot black spot correction device



・ This device is a liquid crystal display panel and

Correction (repair) for pixel bright spots on the module

It is a device to do.

・ A device that carbonizes the pixel bright spots on the panel and turns them into black spots.



・ This Laser device is Femto  Laser & Galvanometer

C / F / POL is blackened and the transmittance is reduced.

Laser processing is performed. 

・ Gantry for input / discharge and processing  Chuck

Laser Head  (Including Galvanometer), Laser &

Consists of Optics unit and Frame & Cover

It has been.


・ Corresponding size: 4 to 46inch

・ Laser: Femto Laser 1030nm 

・ Optical system: Galvanometer processing, Mirror and

BET (Beam Expanders), ATT (Attenuator) configuration

* Please contact us for detailed structure and specifications.

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