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Electronic device manufacturing equipment business


① Salling of displays and electronic device manufacturing equipment   

    Customer service


Laser cutting system

Pixel bright dot to dark dots repair system

Panel Vapor deposition inspection

Sputtering systems

Laminating device

Preparing details


In addition to the above, we can propose original equipment according to customer's request.

Automation of existing processes

(Example) Putting into an inspection machine that relied on a manual

→ Automatic loading / automatic inspection / automatic removal with robot installed

(Example) Manual material / work transportation

→ Introduction of automatic transfer device, docking with front and rear processes

please feel free to contact us at any time.


When we receive an emergency call from a customer, we will dispatch a service engineer from the nearest site. We can respond to a trouble 24 hours a day. And we aim for prompt and accurate recovery with the cooperation of manufacturers.

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