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LCD consignment processing business


(1) LCD manufacturing process consignment processing (thin processing / conductive film deposition)

​At our company, we perform the latter half process in the following cell process.

​TFT process

CF process

​Cell process

Division / lighting inspection process

Module process


Film formation



Etching / peeling

BM formation

Pigment application


Alignment film formation

Laminating / LCD

Thin processing


Conductive (ITO) film formation

Cell division

Lighting inspection

Visual inspection

Defect correction

IC connection



Module completed

◆ Thin processing (Slimming) adopts the most advanced Spray Down method.

Glass with a thickness of 1 mm or more is thinned to 0.2 mm by chemical treatment, and its uniformity is controlled by the thickness of one hair or less.

Contributes to weight reduction of smartphone and tablet displays..


Original plate glass

1500mm x 1800mm x thickness 1mm

SiO₂ + 6HF → H₂SiF₆ + 2H₂O etc.


After ultra-thin processing

0.2mm thick


◆ Shield-ITO

Achieves EMI countermeasures and external noise shielding while ensuring a transmittance of 96% or more.

(2) Sales of LCD transportation packaging materials (exterior material / moisture absorbing material)

③Sales of various parts for FPD mounting process (AG paste / various resin materials / OCA, etc.)

​Solution business

First of all, communication with domestic as well as overseas customers

Based on many years of close relationships with each equipment manufacturer and a wealth of marketing information

We also propose the optimum solution for a series of factory equipment.

In order to improve customer development and productivity, operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities, ordering of parts,

Furthermore, we will support the selection of equipment models and process development.

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